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Jun x Doc.jpg

Banditos of Blairadam's Juniper
Dark Sable Part Angora
Roses Ferretry Doc
Blackself Half Angora
Colours likely are Blackself, Black Solid Sable, Champagne and Cinnamon.
Kits will be just over part angora with possible fulls.

10 kits were born on the 15/4/19

Cat x Gas.jpg

Catalina (Morningstar Giza)
Chocolate Mitt Part Angora
Leawoods Gaston
Chocolate Full Angora
Inbreeding Coefficient 0.0099
Colours expected : Sable, Chocolate and Champagne.
Kits will be just over half angora with possible fulls.
11 Kits were born on the 18/5/19


Tinker at Banditos of Blairadam
Black Mitt Semi Angora 
Banditos of Blairadam Orris
Black Mitt Part Angora
Colours expected : Black, Sable and possibly Cinnamon with mitt markings 

Kits will be part with possibility of Fulls

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